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Trailer Hitch Ball Sizes

When you need to perform towing, you need to determine the right weight class of the receiver hitch. You also need to make it sure that the weight capacity of the hitch is not exceeded. What more, you need to find the right hitch ball. The same is also essential in the rating of the receiver hitch.

Choosing the right trailer ball involves considering the GTWR of a hitch ball. Other significant details include the thickness of the mounting platform, the trailer hitch ball sizes, and the hole diameter. These must as well be taken into consideration 100%.  The trailer ball is classified as an attachment providing a connection between the hitch and the trailer. The specifications include a shank diameter, shank length, ball diameter, and shank rise.

Measuring the Trailer Ball

There are certain factors, as mentioned, that need to be considered in mind. These include the shank length, ball diameter, shank diameter, and the rise.

Specifying the Torque

Also, include having an understanding of the torque. They are mainly divided into ¾ inch shank measuring 160 ft.-lbs, 1-inch shank measuring 250 ft-lbs, 1 ¼-inch shank measuring 450 ft. lbs, and a 2-inch shank measuring 4, 550 ft. lbs.

Determining The Trailer Hitch Ball Sizes

The way to determine the right trailer hitch ball sizes are as follow:

Shank Length. This is known as the length of the shaft extending beyond the mounting base of the hitch ball. A shank that is long enough should be used as it extends beyond the thickness of the drawbar mounting tab. The purpose of which is to ensure that there are enough threads that can fasten the ball to the mount.

Ball Diameter. Make an effort to check on the topmost portion of the trailer coupler. This must be done to know the size of the ball diameter needed. Light commercial and recreational hitch balls can come in different sizes that include 1 7/8 inches, 2 5/16 inches, and 3 inches. The lighter trailers normally require the use of smaller hitch balls. You need to consider matching the right hitch ball to the trailer.

Shank Diameter. This is considered as the threaded shaft diameter inserted by way of the ball mount. The shanks can come in different sizes of 5/8 inches, ¾ inches, 1 inch, and 1 ¼ inch. The capacities can range between 7,000 lbs to 17,000 lbs.

Rise. The shank, in particular to its height, can be utilized to raise the back of the trailer. It can be leveled in the chance that there is a “rise” and “drop” of the ball that is also inadequate.

Moreover, the diameter of the hitch ball could be matched to the size of the trailer coupler. Such an undersized ball can fall and loosen up. The shank diameter which is the width of the threaded shank needs to be equal in its hole diameter. The shank length which is the distance from the bottom to the top of the shank should have minimum 2 threads. These should be visible when the nut has already been tightened. The shank height or the shank rise must be used to accurately level the trailer. This is when there is an improper “drop” or “rise” in the trailer ball mount.

Trailer Hitch Ball Sizes

Below can be your guide to the trailer hitch ball sizes to consider for your vehicle type.

  • SUVs- 1 7/8 inches
  • Small Vans- 1 7/8 inches
  • Small Cars- 1 7/8 inches
  • Full-Size Cars- 2 inches
  • Full-Size Vans- 2 inches
  • Full-Size Trucks- 2 inches
  • Full-Size SUVs- 2 inches
  • Full-Size Vans with loads that require weight distribution- 2 5/16 inches
  • Full-Size Trucks with loads that require weight distribution- 2 5/16 inches
  • HD Trucks with large trailers- 3 inches

Always bear in mind that the majority of trailers have a maximum towing capacity and hitch ball size stamped on the coupler handle, tongue, and frame. You must have a trailer ball having the specifications that are the same or equal to those figures. The commonly used sizes for trailer hitch ball are between 1-7/8 inches and 2 5/16 inches.

Coupler Pin Lock – A Great Investment

Your goal should always be to tow recreational vehicle with confidence. Especially during a summer trip, you will need to tow your RV while having a secure connection. The coupler pin lock ensures that the coupler stays secure on the pintle hooks, jack legs, coupler latches, and more. If this is not present, potholes and bumps could weaken the connection of the RV to your hitch.

As you tow your RV, you also would want to make sure that the system is secure. This coupler pin lock fits through the hole of the coupler and locks it in place. So far, there are a variety of pin lengths and diameters available. Make it sure that you get a pin lock that works well with your RV system.

Depending on the coupler pin lock that you purchase, it can usually fit from ½ inches to 3 3/8 inches in between. There usually is 1/8-inch incremental adjustment allowing it a snug fit. The lock can slide back and forth along with the pin for easy and convenience of usage. It’s also good to find a coupler pin lock that is weatherproof.

Coupler Pin Lock Bring Quality and Convenience

Understand that coupler pin lock is a great investment for your recreational vehicle’s security. This does not require you to carry some more keys around. Be ultimately amazed by this product that can bring quality and convenience.

The mere fact that it features such an innovative technology, it means to say that you can set a variety of locks that work well with your RV’s ignition key. It is truly the perfect blend of security and convenience.

Program your ignition key so that it works well with a lock. The process can be carried out to be as simple as it can be. There is only a need to insert the ignition key into the lock. Turn it once and wait until the lock permanently and mechanically learns the code. But be extra careful as the lock can learn the first key you used. And therefore, it might get you difficult doing its reset. This could still mean additional security.

Impossible to Pick

Convenience is not just the only benefit brought by a coupler pin lock. This is because it is made by the biggest manufacturer of automotive keys and locks. This lock is usually incorporated with automotive technology and materials. This is also known for its highest corrosion resistance rating. What more, it can be impossible to pick it due to its patented technology. You will find one that features a stainless steel and solid zinc core lock shutter that keeps the moisture and dirt out.

Just as you work hard to keep the items you own not fall into the wrong hands. Just exert a bit of effort by having the right items in hand. Protect what you own and prevent anyone from stealing it. It can never be a good feeling but it can rather be the worse feeling if you’re in the middle of nowhere from a hike and the whole RV is gone.

The best thing to do is to protect it from theft as your vehicle left hitched up to your RV. A coupler pin lock will ensure to you that no one can hook it up and be off with your RV. That is why if you need coupler pin lock, the selections can vary once you go visit our site!

RV Double Sink Cover Fits Properly

When you will need to buy for an RV double sink cover, you will have to ensure that it is a proper fit for the RV double sink. The good thing is that there are many different models to find out there. There is the most common type of cover that you may have to meet your liking.

The thing about the RV double sink cover is that it doubles being a cutting board. It also fits well to double sinks in recreational vehicles. It is up to you to choose a particular color that creates a sleek look. For as long as it also tight fit, it won’t ever move around.

Designed Uniquely

What is more, you can expect from an RV double sink cover that it is built and constructed with the following material grades. It is also uniquely designed to best match with the RV double sink.

Other choices of RV double sink cover have the design that adds up to a modernistic or traditionalistic element to an indoor RV kitchen. Thus, this creates a quality-redefined experience. This will make the new RV kitchen a dream come true.

An RV double sink cover truly is a must-have item for you. This does convert a double sink into such an extra storage container perfect for traveling. This will also serve as the cutting board once when the double sink is not used. Just settle with a cover that is more scratch-resistant and more durable in its material. It should as well be a lot better and lighter to pair up with the RV.

Complete The Area

When you utilize an RV double sink cover, it will for sure complete the RV kitchen area. It can be made into a kitchen counter to put on your items. These items can then be arranged on the cover. The cover will save more time in the food preparation and expand the kitchen area.

Create a Stylish and Sturdy Surface

An added benefit in buying an RV double sink cover is that it creates a stylish and sturdy work or surface area. It is, of course, beautiful especially if it is backed by slip-resistant feet. Easily secure and position it in place to fit the RV double sink.

Ease of Removal and Setup

The majority of RV double sink covers boast for convenient features like drilled holes for ease of set up and removal. They are perfect, as mentioned, to be used as cutting boards. There is a huge selection of RV double sink covers to buy sold at their lowest possible prices.

That is why if your RV kitchen comes with a limited space or you want for an extra room, an RV double sink cover proves to be essential in this case. This cover can easily cover up the sink and allow you to do some light-duty tasks. That will also include chopping up lemons or herb garnishes for cocktails. There is a wide range of sizes that are carried by an online store wherein you could choose for an ideal option for the sink!

Guide to Buying An RV Shower Head

You will need to replace an RV shower head to make the shower more economical and more refreshing. Its flexible operation allows an easier and more convenient bathing experience to best conserve water. There are premium models to find offering spraying patterns and adjustable pressure the same as the conventional home showers. They will enable you to wash yourself completely without using cumbersome moves in the bath. The good thing about them is that they conserve water while they optimize spray patterns and maintain such a minimum flow.

Features to Look Forward To

There are many types of RV shower head options to consider. And there are features that you need to keep in mind when you search for a model that will meet your budget and your need.

On/Off Toggle

Most of the RVers will work only with a small amount of hot water as they go to the shower. That is when turning the water off easily through the showerhead is essential. In this feature, campers are allowed to best conserve hot water as they lather up.


Various kinds of showerheads emit out various amounts of water. There are choices that emit out less water without the water pressure being diminished. And they seem more ideal to consider in this case. The specifications can also be found right through the showerhead packaging. Read on reviews further to get the perfect feel of the water pressure or water consumption from a specific model.


A shower in the RV is believed to be just so small. That is when the ability to remove the showerhead and move it around than just turning and twisting the body is a bonus. It will help if you buy for handheld units and avoid the wall-mounted units.

Budget to Consider in Mind

Another consideration to never forget is the budget. You would never want to break the bank just to get a showerhead that is priced at 50-dollars. The choices to find can range between 40-dollars and 50-dollars. As per the high-end choice of the shower head, it may go as high as 100-dollars.


When you choose an RV shower head, you need to avoid the purchase of low-quality ones existing in the market. This is due to the reason that they tend to break up as fast as they could. Upon spending time reading on customer review, you will learn that a lot of people complain upon buying RV shower head. They easily break apart during the installation process. That is why you should buy an RV shower head that is durable. Go through reading customer reviews and look for some negative comments.

Conserve water by the use of an RV shower head. This ordinarily has a shut-off valve that is handy especially in conserving water. This is not as permanently fixed to a wall. The replacement of an RV shower head is just so easy, actually. It involves unscrewing the old one and fixing the new one. So, do not hesitate further to get one for your RV!

Buy An RV Bathroom Sink in Canada Today!

Bathrooms can become so relaxing and calm, especially during the mornings. The bathroom sinks can provide you the needed storage space wherein you could get your toothpaste. What’s more, they come in different styles that complement bathroom cabinets. This is true when you want to get such a coordinated look and enjoy time for pampering.

It is good to know that there is a wide range of RV bathroom sink to find in Canada in different configurations. They also come with the latest technology and innovations. They will work great and will look great as well. The amazing thing about them is that they come in above counter kind of vessel sinks, stand-alone kind of pedestals, and under-mounted kind of sinks.

Set a Tone for the Bathroom

The RV bathroom sink in Canada is great as it set a tone perfect for the bathroom. This must be chosen before any other item. It is just that you need to consider in mind your lifestyle. See how the RV bathroom sink will be abused and used regularly. It will help if you will think about an under-counter model for family use. This is usable for freeing up a counter space.

Place the Right Kind of Faucet

Think about as well the right kind of faucet to choose from. Keep in mind that faucets can come in different styles and shapes. Do not add up a tiny faucet on a bold and big bathroom sink. Make sure that the style, whether it is modern and traditional, matches the bathroom sink. Check as well the bathroom sink and the faucet having a matching hole that is punching. It should be at the center measuring four-inch or eight-inch. And it should also be compatible particularly considering the vessel type of RV bathroom sinks.

Settle with the Right Color

When it comes to choosing for the right color, you need to as well consider thinking about the fixtures and the color of the bathroom. Know if the colors will clash or will match. Keep in mind the color of the bathroom sink and the countertop. Think about them being contrasted in color or being blended.

Think About the Storage Space Needed

There is a need to think about the storage space that is needed. Make sure that the bathroom sink will give enough space and desk to put your toiletries on. This is needed when you will choose a pedestal or wall-mount RV bathroom sink.

Also, consider the wide range of styles from the traditional to contemporary. There are many popular colors that you might want to think about. Better yet, choose for a whirlpool or a tub and a designed-intended toilet. This will best coordinate with the new RV bathroom sink that you have.

No need to think twice about buying an RV bathroom sink in Canada. Shop today what you seem a perfect fit on your RV! Always go for what you believe in your heart to be your best choice!

The Safety Design that Keeps the Cables from Dragging

The heavy duty steel tow cables are utilized to keep the towed vehicle from loosening up in case of a tow bar disappointment or separate and these highlights give the vehicle adequate space and power required for shipping huge conveys and other heavy duty steel tow cables. This is an occupation for a vehicle sufficient and along these lines, heavy duty steel tow cables are most appropriate for moving heavy vehicles and hardware effectively. Heavy duty steel tow cables comprise a noteworthy part on each vehicle since they can tow bigger vehicles and these sort of vehicles which can’t be towed by the normal vehicles as they are a lot heavier in weight and size. Accordingly, heavy duty steel tow cables are expected to play out a safe towing activity and are in extraordinary interest. They make up the emotionally supportive network of many towing vehicle and the expense of pristine heavy duty steel tow cables can be extremely high relies upon the accompanying brand and size of gear that required.

The measure of gear required when a towing a vehicle is worked with winch framework which is a mechanized framework connected of heavy duty steel tow cables. That heavy duty steel tow cables helps in pulling the vehicle or gear up onto the tow vehicle. This heavy duty steel tow cables present at the back of these towing vehicle which they are towing is raised high over the ground as the winch of a heavy duty steel tow cables is a lot higher than that of a littler truck. When the vehicle is towed, it lays on heavy duty steel tow cables that are available on the base of the blast and the back wheels are left in the city for towing that encourages the towing vehicle in diverting effectively and without harm. The costs heavy duty steel tow cables are progressively required for consistently rate of mishaps and vehicle breakdowns is expanding. There are additionally issues of traffic stops and illicit stopping and a not insignificant rundown to talk about. At the point when such episodes happen, the vehicle are generally stranded and getting them back home can be troublesome.

Motor issues like punctured tire, little to enormous scale mishaps are some basic events. In these circumstances, the driver or the travelers who were available in the vehicle think that its badly arranged and are looked with various issues if not having heavy duty steel tow cables. This can cause a great deal of issue for the general population included which can give help to residents in circumstances like these, it’s consistently a smart thought to ensure you select a very much presumed and believed heavy duty steel tow cables. Having a heavy duty steel tow cables accompanies a great deal of advantages to use to tow away huge vehicles which is in any instances of other vehicle-related issues with regards to towing. Heavy duty steel tow cables are very compelling in controls development circumstances as there is no choice other than calling a truck to tow the vehicle away to security. The most ideal route is to have a heavy duty steel tow cables so there are no further issues that can be stayed away from at the season of system is snare in the base plate accommodation joins.

Comparing the Different Sorts of Towing

The extended trailer hitch ball mount moreover can change with how they are mounted to the truck, which is another thing to think about when picking which one to pick. extended trailer hitch ball mount work in addition with a few contrasts in a general sense being created and how they are familiar with extended trailer hitch ball mount are dashed onto the truck edge utilizing the openings that are beginning at now there at whatever point conceivable. Remember that the trailer hitch and ball mount are not in all cases, indisputable extended trailer hitch ball mount are proposed for use with various vehicle makes and model years. Much comparable to with different sorts of towing, the towing weight limit that is required for the trailer must be incredible with the tow vehicle on extended trailer hitch ball mount. Locking tabs on the extended trailer hitch ball mount will shield it from coming free during towing. Having the choice to remove the ball from the truck bed comparatively shields you from coming to underneath the truck to relax a switch or association.

A steel locking pin is utilized with the extended trailer hitch ball mount to help keep the hitch ball set up. The extended trailer hitch ball mount all come masterminded to mount with all the rigging expected to exhibit. Entering might be depended upon to oblige the hitch ball in the truck bed, regardless there is no welding required. Having an assortment of extended trailer hitch ball mount accessible to lube plates, hitch covers, mounting zones, extenders and more has everything that ordinary to travel securely. There are two or three central focuses to utilizing a extended trailer hitch ball mount including expanded weight cutoff and better control when driving. Introducing an extended trailer hitch ball mount ought to have the limit, instruments and aptitudes that can thoroughly show your own extended trailer hitch ball mount. Take the necessary steps not to feel unprecedented doing it with no other individual’s help, it can generally have it introduced by experienced pros. Extended trailer hitch ball mount are relied upon to work with the present gaps in the truck bundling to confine the amount of entering.

A significant part of the time the extended trailer hitch ball mount can be cleared and changed over eventually into the association so there is nothing to cloud the truck bed. If you’re anticipating going with a camper that interfaces over the back guardian of your truck, by then you’ll require an extended trailer hitch ball mount to tie down the trailer to your vehicle. The extended trailer hitch ball mount is routinely fit for tongue weight in light of the manner in which that these extended trailer hitch ball mount all join underneath the truck bed; they leave more space for moving payload if crucial. The required for a full scale extended trailer hitch ball mount set up to the hitch and rails you’ll require a hitch lock, brake controller, towing mirrors and if huge, a back end with an indent to oblige the trailer head. Extended trailer hitch ball mount does separate from fifth wheel couplings especially by the way wherein they are set up and attach to the truck bed. Concerning extended trailer hitch ball mount there are choices open from that can do what should be finished. The extended trailer hitch ball mount that are accessible enable you to at present have a level truck bed when you are not towing.

Understanding More about The RV Sink Plumbing Parts

When you will decide to update your kitchen sink installed inside the RV, you need to figure out that it should stay more lucked out and more functional than ever. Before the installation of a new kitchen sink, the removal of the old one out is thereby essential. That will lead you further to understanding the RV sink plumbing parts first.

Below are the RV sink plumbing parts that we will go into detail for your complete understanding.

Exterior Faucet

This is a durable faucet that often features a wide range of settings like a cone, mist, flat, soaker, jet, one-in-two, and a shower. This is designed to get connected to a hose to a spray faucet. Adjust it easily that will also depend much on your needs. Install this faucet fast and begin using it immediately. The good thing is that no professional tools or plumber are needed here.

Strainer Sink Having Threaded Basket

This is another essential part of an RV sink plumbing. This comes with a threaded basket that is perfect to use for lavatory and kitchen sinks. This is indeed a sure seal that you can loosen to drain the sink. This is also while the items are kept from entering the drain. This normally includes a locknut, rubber washer, basket, and strainer. And this is a perfect fit for a two-inch drain opening. Oftentimes, this is made up of a die-cast type of steel material.

Sink Drain

What this one essential part can promise is the perfect drainage. This is made from brass, stainless steel, and heavy-duty plastic materials. It also offers a configuration that you will ever need. Its flanges also come in different finish choices to complement the RV sinks and décor.

Flexible and Expandable P-trap

Easily remove it all you want for clogs and cleanups. This is exactly the solution that you are looking for. This is also easy to install and is easily adjustable that can fit anywhere. This is also perfect for both professionals and beginners. Install it on bathtubs, kitchen sinks, pedestal and vanity basins, and laundry tubs. This unit also includes a bracket, gaskets, and an expandable tube.

Long Faucet Connector

Impress your family and guests with the sink faucet you have. That also includes long-lasting and durable construction of a long faucet connector that complements the décor complementing and contemporary design. This sink plumbing part truly belongs to your RV sink.

Water Bandit

This essential part of a sink is often connected to an unthreaded faucet or one having stripped threads. This will help avoid wasting water because of poor connections. However, just be careful as this is not designed to be used under pressure. This somehow complies with all low lead laws.

Know more other RV sink plumbing parts apart from these mentioned. All of them are accompanying parts that are made specifically to be used for RV sinks. Decide today which of these items you now need on your RV sink plumbing for the smooth experience of washing the dishes.

Read This First Before Buying RV Plumbing Parts

Camping inside the RV can be so comfortable. This is also brought about by RV plumbing. Since you could wash your hands using warm water, it’s one thing offered by RV plumbing. Wash the dishes all you want and flush the toilet with clean water. Take a cold or hot shower inside the RV. All luxuries are then offered by RV plumbing. You could as well make use of the campground facilities.

All the essential RV plumbing parts play their role in delivering water and meeting your needs. You could get both cold water and hot water anytime you want. You may as well have gray water, black water, and freshwater. There is also a water heater and a water pump. The water connection from the city and the tank containing freshwater are also available around. The plumbing fittings and plumbing fixtures are just important in RV living.

With you as an RV owner, it is necessary to understand the RV plumbing system. Know more about the RV plumbing parts and explore more of the RV plumbing system.

RV Plumbing Fixtures

Once when the water system inside the RV has already been pressurized by the water pump, it now gives you access to running water. This is due to the available plumbing fixtures. The RV also has one or even more sinks installed in it. There are faucets that you could turn on to obtain running water. Thus, you could wash the dishes or wash your hands as well. There’s also the shower faucet that can bring in running water in washing yourself. So far, many recreational vehicles feature outdoor showers enabling you to clean yourself, your dog, or your equipment. Some recreational vehicles also feature ice-making machines utilizing water coming from the freshwater tank.

RV Water Pumps

As per the water pumps, they are considered as the lifeline of the entire plumbing system. They work playing the role of a heart. They responsibly pump the water while things are kept just so moving.

Modern motorhomes would often utilize a water pump being an excellent feature. Keep it turned on as you want. It will run only when the water system requires pressure. This is often observed when you will flush the toilet or run water to the faucet. When it pumps more water from the tank directly to the pipes and back pressurizing the system, the water pump will then stop running.

RV Water Tanks

Find a way that the RV features three different water tanks. These include the black water tank, the freshwater tank, and the gray water tank. The latter is filled with water continuing running down the drain. This is when you will do the dishes, wash your hands, and go on a shower.

RV Water Heaters

These can heat water when you can’t tolerate the climate in a certain location. When the water heater turns on and heats the water inside the tank, it will then use electricity or propane resources in the process.

These are so far some of the RV plumbing parts that must readily be made available for use!

Get Your Clear RV vent cover today!

Do you know how much heat you lose due to an evaporative cooler vent? If not, it maybe is about time to get your clear RV vent cover today. This will lead you to huge savings. Just seal the vent in just a few minutes. Keep the heat in while you reduce your energy bill.

What the cover can promise you is the ease of installation. Secure the vent right through the grille louver. Choose from the several sizes it is available for. Just be sure that your choice will fit any size of RV vent. Ease of installation is as promised to secure the vent through the grille’s louver.

Do some confirmation of the size of the cover to the RV vent. Hook it up and then slide. Finally, seal it. That’s just how easy things could be when installing a clear RV vent cover.

Also, remember that vents come in different sizes. These covers are designed to complement your vent. All of the vents need to be measured properly before finally placing an order.

Follow this simple procedure, too. Clean the vent followed by attaching the magnet. You can then finally install the cover. Seal it afterward.

Benefits to Obtain from a Clear RV Vent Cover

It’s always good to highlight the benefits offered by a clear RV vent cover. And these are so far as follow:

Ease Installation

Some clear RV vent cover options no longer need tools when it comes to installation. The old covers only need to be removed and be installed with a new design. Follow a DIY approach that can be fast. The overall cost is also somehow manageable.

Consistent Airflow

Good airflow is an essential facet of a clear RV vent cover. Gentle convection of the air current is allowed to pass through below.

Lasting Quality

The clear RV vent cover is designed so that it lasts a lifetime. It comes with protective coatings that make it, even more, desirable. It should come well-made to survive the daily wear and tear process. That’s also to say when flooding occurs unexpectedly.

Safety Features

The clear RV vent cover offers the benefit of physically and visually blocking off the heat that comes from the front and topsides. The space right under the panel should be kept clear all the time. This will bring about proper airflow.

Decide today to get your clear RV vent cover. This is something that is taken great pride by manufacturers. This is as well as they backed by excellent customer service. This will also be their topmost priority.

Be sure that when you buy this clear RV vent cover, you can successfully install and use it for years. The possibilities are just so limitless. The clear RV vent cover selections look so amazing.

Get a visual transformation to complement your RV. Get a clear RV vent cover that is now becoming more popular than ever. See it for yourself upon the arrival of the item through your door and be amazed more by it.

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