Trailers are the best accessory type to haul your essential items to any place due to their mobility. It can just be so easy now for you to leave them outside the garage because of limited garage space. It can only become a heart-stopping moment seeing your trailer left without the best locking hitch pin.

The use of the best locking hitch pin ensures you safeguard your trailer. It deters any opportunistic hauling by thieves. There are suitable features that can safeguard your trailer well. They are products coming from renowned auto-parts manufacturers.

Below are the characteristics you need to find to tell that what you have is the best locking hitch pin.

Durable Design

What will catch your eyes is the durable design of the locking hitch pin. It must as well be constructed by laminated steel and it must be watertight. The purpose of which is to give out maximum protection against dirt or any downpour. This also ensures that it is safeguarded against rust.

Great Strength

The best locking hitch pin to find should have a great strength and a patented design. It should be engineered to last for years. Just as the trailer is left outside more often, the outdoor elements can only expose the lock to corrosion and rust.

Being constructed with heavy-duty metal is one big advantage. It protects it against harsh elements. A durable and black nickel finish is mostly employed to enhance the strength of the trailer hitch lock.

Aluminum and Steel Combination

There will always be a locking hitch pin to find that embraces the combination of aluminum and steel materials that safeguard the trailer. Just choose whether you like the yellow, blue, and red color variants. There is also a silver U-shaped shackle that can resist corrosion.

Easy to Install

The best locking hitch pin should be just so easy for you to install. Mount and lock it onto the hitch ball. Expect it further that the security of your trailer is enhanced by the locking hitch pin you buy. Be careful of those having poor locking mechanisms that can be difficult to use

Maximum Protection

With the locking hitch pin you believe is the best, you would be able to safeguard the unattended trailers. It can also easily fit into the ball socket of the trailer. It can get wrapped with a solid steel bar. As with the thickness of the lock, it can deter many opportunistic thieves. At times, 360-degree protection is brought out by it. It means to say that no thief could ever break and open the lock.


In most cases, the higher the price, the greater the quality can be. If the locking hitch pin is made of titanium metal, be ready of paying it at a more expensive price. It is good as it is stronger than ever. For a least expensive choice, it is no longer than the aluminum locking hitch pin. This is the least strong metal than the steel and titanium.