RV awnings are necessary as they help you to keep cool. And that is a number one prerequisite if you want your family to stay cool under the heat of the sun. The good thing is that there are a lot of RV awnings to find. But, also, you need to include in your bucket list RV awning parts. RV awnings will never be complete without these parts.

Enjoy the luxury brought by camping in using RV. Awning, regardless of any size, give you comfort. Before you turn your attention to RV awning parts, it is good if you understand RV awnings completely. They basically come in two different styles; manual awnings and power awnings. They also can be found in a variety of colors. Whatever your needs are, it can come in either acrylic or vinyl.

RV awnings will not provide shade without the presence of the RV awning parts. They are also able to extend the living space of your RV to the outdoors. That is why you need to pay attention to them being the first camping accessory upgrade. Add them up to your RV easily with the use of RV awning parts. It is up to you to check on their colors that can range from Ocean Blue, Teal, White, Bordeaux, and more.

Different Parts to Ever Consider

Below are a few of the different RV awning parts to ever consider in mind:

Arms and Rafters

Swing the arms and rafters out from the bracket. Attach them to your awning roller. Tighten the knob and finally swing the lever. This will enable the rafter to become fully stretched. And the roller will be completely pushed away from the RV. Tighten your canopy as you want it to be.

Prior to the features and the benefits offered by arms and rafters, they further eliminate the need of the rafter to retention. This is true when you will raise the awning.


The wind can be relaxing but can also sometimes be damaging. If it breaks the bracket on your RV awning parts, it is good to buy the same part. The good thing is that you can buy one that fits right onto it. Just seek the help of a sales representative if you have trouble in figuring out the right bracket.

Pull Straps

The pull straps to buy on the market features heavy-duty, plastic-rod, rubber-loop, and nylon-strap. They also differ in dimensions; strap, rod, and loop. They can be found in different colors such as black.

Power Awning

This is also one of the essential RV awning parts that fit and function properly. As long as you follow the complete instructions for assembly, it can never be difficult to install it. Buy it as it is nicely packaged.

Fabric, Rails, and Rollers

Domestic replacement awning fabric is intended for your RV awnings. This can be found in vinyl material, sizes, and colors. You will also be able to purchase an awning fabric that is double sided. It is easy and convenient to install.

There are still more RV awning parts to include on your bucket lists such as the hardware, torsion arms, awning accessories, and lift handles and tension knobs.