The best RV windshield covers demand only a small effort but provides for a huge benefit. They are essentially made up of fabric material like the polyester one. They are then placed right above the windshield of the vehicle in the cold weather. That way, they will keep the snow and ice from collecting through the glass surface. The use of these covers enables you to drive the car during the morning. And there never will be a hassle with you scraping the snow and ice from the RV windshield like in the freezing temperatures.

Get a clear view of your RV despite the cold weather. Read on this helpful guide to buying the best RV windshield covers.

Ease of Installation

Some of the windshield covers are using magnets as attached to the vehicle. Some are also using the Velcro buckles and straps. You must, therefore, think about the preferred method of installing them. You must also decide if one will have to help you or you will just follow DIY-approach. This will guide you in determining the right installation features.


You need to measure exactly the windshield before you choose for the best RV windshield covers. Some covers can seem a one-size fit all. Some of them could also be ordered following the specific vehicle size. If you want to purchase these covers to be used on different cars, you must follow the dimensions of the biggest windshield. Ensure that they will fit on any of them.


The best RV windshield covers are intended in giving protection to the windshield. Some of the models can cover the rearview mirrors, the rear windshield, and the roof. As with a harsher weather in the area, it’s when more protection is needed by the vehicle.

Attachment Options

As per the fit of the windshield cover, it is also somehow impacted by the way it is attached to your RV. Magnets are among the common attachment options attached to the cover. They are wrapped in a fabric material not damaging the car finish. The good thing is that they work well but not in the high-wind locations. Secondly, the tie-down straps have hooks connected by way of hubcap or wheel well. These are also easily adjusted. The elastic straps are the third attachment option that fits well around the mirrors. They do not bring damage to the paint of the vehicle. Fourthly, the door flaps are a material length closed in the door of the car holding the cover. Many people consider door flaps as hard to install. But, they still hold as the most secure one prior to designs.


The best RV windshield covers can range from 10-dollars to 30-dollars. The affordable ones are made up of thin fabrics with no added features but with the wheel straps. Now if you will spend twenty-dollars, you will have covers that have door flaps and magnets. The ones costing thirty dollars are made up of durable and thick fabrics. They also have premium features as elastic straps and UV protection.

Keep these considerations in mind when wanting to choose for the best RV windshield covers!