When you make use of the pintle ring and hook, you will realize that it has many benefits to offer. The first one is the easy maneuvering wherein the flexibility of the pintle hitch makes it easy for you to transport heavy-duty weights on the many types of terrain. The design also enables negotiation with road angles and turns effectively.

Pintle Ring

Pintle ring is designed to give you a full range of motion on all those uneven terrains. As with these terrains, they might bring a ball coupler to break or bind. Pintle rings can be as common when used on higher GVWR trailers (14,000 to 3,000 lbs.)

For trailers built with twelve-inch I-beam frame, they receive face mount ring rating at exactly 36,000 lbs. The trailers built with l-beam or 6-8-inch receives a channel tow ring rating at 20,000 lbs.

Pintle Hook

A pintle hook is a pincer or claw type device that can clamp through a lunette ring found on the tongue of a trailer. The combination of pintle hook and ring makes a more secure and safer coupling when used on a rough terrain. This one is better when compared to the conventional ball-type trailer hitch.

Also, this is used in towing heavy-duty to large tow vehicles. This is best rated from five to thirty tons. Other choices of pintle hook come with tethered pin and positive locking latch. There are times that they come with a mounting hardware.

It is, even more, recommended to be used for off the road equipment. It is intended to be used with a drawbar having an eye diameter of about 2-inch and 3-inch.

One type of pintle hook to find is the swivel-mounted. It features a short-sized shaft and is not fitted with a spring. Just decide if this is one product you necessarily need.

Understanding more of its benefits include being great when used for off-road applications. This can be flexed weighing more angles than a ball hitch. This could also easily be used. You could as well have it on the truck when many trucks and operators are having different balls.

For as long as there is a pintle, it is no doubt that it will never fall off the truck. It is also rated to best handle more than what pickups can handle. Thus, you could expect that this hook won’t be the weak point.

When you have a dump truck that pulls 30 to 40 ton, you could not imagine a ball that could handle much weight. You could have a pintle hook that is made for a two-inch insert. It could be used occasionally if you want to move your empty trailer.

As you look on the truck, the hitch is loaded with spring. This allows it to move in and move out slightly. This enables some flex that could best absorb any of the clunky feelings you might expect.

Now, you have learned just what exactly the uses of pintle ring and hook are!