As the time of summer quickly arriving and rain surprisingly fall, the RV awning helps you to keep yourself free from sun heat and rain. RV itself can make a difference for your staying outside of your RV, nevertheless, there is still accessory that you can add up to level up the awning you have and that is by attaching screen enclosure to make an awning screen room. This diy RV awning screen room upgrades what your awning alone can do. RV awning rooms are also called as an RV screen room enclosure. RV awning rooms are those connected on the side of the RV where it could be a perfect room addition to any RV to doubles your living space. It is typically room enclosures that easily add to an RV’s existing awning to shield the space against bugs, inhospitable heat, and rain to make the space more inhabitable. Obtaining a screen room to attach to your awning enables you to create a great deal of extra living space.

It is good to have a kind of this room outside of your RV and the good thing is that you can do it yourself. There are norms and standards that you must follow to make a do it yourself RV awning screen room. In making your Do It Yourself RV Awning, we must use simple tools and such items from the hardware store and garden center. Items such as mallet and woodblock, measuring tape, grommet toolset, the roll of shade fabric, RV awning track hooks, bungee cords, and tent stakes. The roll shade of fabric is lightweight, it can be found at hardware stores, make it in the shape and in the exact measurement of the awning from the top to bottom and the wide of the awning. For the edges of the fabric, we must add grommets along each side, the grommet is used to protect the hole of the fabric and to prevent the fabric cloth from tearing. The shade of the cloth is stiff and holds its crease and fold the edge over to give strength to hold the grommet. Upon installing the grommet, measure the spacing and the more putting of grommet is equivalent to less sag. Then, RV awning track hooks which hooks are placed alternately to create a bit of stability must be well attached to the awning’s edge, this will hold the entire fabric in a top-down position. The track hooks allow the cloth to be somehow sliding. There you have it, the cloth is well attached to the awning but worrying if the wind comes surprisingly strong, so, tent stakes and bungee cords will take over. To keep your screen shade fixed to the ground, use tent stakes and bungee cords. Considering that it is only a do it yourself diy RV awning screen room, you can add up more accessories in it like LED lights in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Your do it yourself diy RV awning screen room could be in a different kind of room that can facilitate, create, and decorate designs of your own awning room. Aside from the simple things we had stated above as tools of our do it yourself awning room, we can also put some zipper to make the fabric zippered door and use strong beam as a support of the cloth and the entire room itself.