It is important that your horse trailer gets into maintenance on a regular basis. The owner’s manual usually provides the schedule of maintenance tasks to perform at certain intervals. You should also know how to use and maintain horse trailer covers.

Here is a guideline of how to maintain your trailer into top condition:

Before You Use The Trailer

Check if the hitch ball on the tow vehicle is secure on the ball mount. The ball should also be on the right size for the towing-coupler socket of the trailer. Make sure if the coupler is securely connected and fully closed to the ball. Plug in the electric cord of the horse trailer and attach up the tether unto the tow. Next, cross the safety chains and also attach them to the tow vehicle. You need to retract the jack completely and remove the wheel chocks.

Walk Around For Safety Check

Before you leave and after loading the horse, conduct a safety check. Secure the chest bars, butt, dividers, ramps, and doors. The wires under the trailer must be intact without any debris present on them. If you are using horse trailer covers, make sure to check on them too.

The coupler should be lubricated. The collar mechanism has to slide freely by using grease or a lubricating spray. Unplug the electric cord. Hang the plug upside down and coil the cord off the ground to prevent water from entering. It is not advisable to cover it as coverings such as plastic bags can hold moisture.

Store the horse trailer. In order for the nose to sit a few degrees higher than the back, jack the trailer. A chock would be able to help rest the jack on. Place one between the tires, either in front of the back wheel or behind the front wheel, which keeps the trailer from rolling. As soon as the mats and floor are dry, you need to close the vents and windows.

Wash and wax. Unfortunately, lots of people do not clean their trailers regularly. However, washing it twice a year can make a big difference in the longevity of the vehicle for up to eight years.

Wash the flooring. Extra moisture in the trailer can form rot or mold. Therefore, muck out the trailer every time you come home. Roll back the mats, strip the bedding and rinse them properly with water. You also need to roll up or prop the mats and allow it to dry. Moreover, check the flooring for wear and tear.

Bring the Horse Trailer For Maintenance And Check Up

One of the ways to help you with expensive repairs in the future is doing regular maintenance. Do not forget to check the horse trailer covers Canada as well to find out if they are still in top condition. A technician can help check the brakes and adjust them. Pack the wheel bearings again and inspect the breakaway battery. As soon as you see and feel any changes in your horse trailer, make sure to get it checked immediately.