When you want to live in an RV, you must know that you can still have appliances that will make life a lot easier. The best RV refrigerators can be found around wherein you could have your own. The appliance can be used to keep your drinks and fresh food cold during the summer.

How Long Do RV Refrigerators Last?

RV refrigerators can be considered as something good when they could last for about twelve years. Other well-known brands can last up to seventeen years. Upon reaching this year, the appliance will now start to show some signs that it needs replacement.

What Are the Signs That the Appliance Needs Replacement?

When there are mold, mildew, and water droplets, it might mean to say that you must replace the unit. Other signs of condensation may likely come up inside. That’s also if the unit is not cooling anymore.

Once the food starts to spoil or smell a lot quicker than the usual in the refrigerator, it’s when you need to replace it. This is also true if it is taking more time for the drinks or water bottles to become chilled.

If the refrigerator is facing some issues in frosting, it is already a sign that it is not working properly. For refrigerators that are 10 years older demanding repairs, it’s wiser to consider replacing the unit. This is a lot better than wasting money on repairing the less-efficient and older model.

When there’s also too much noise created by the fridge, you need to decide already that you must buy a new one.

What Are The Aspects to Keep In Mind Before Buying?

Settle only with the best RV refrigerator but consider the few aspects below.

Power Source

Check the power source that the refrigerator requires. It’s up to you if you want a gas unit, an electrical unit, or just a hybrid. It will depend much on what you believe is convenient for you.


It’s not right to just put the refrigerator inside an RV. That’s especially if the space is limited. Measure up the space already present in the RV. Choose a reliable choice for a fridge that you can place in the space. Take some accurate measurements. Be sure that the appliance can enter through the RV door. 


Check the capacity of the RV refrigerator in storing foods. It must be sufficient enough when you want to store drinks and food items.


Inside the RV, you will have your sleeping space. That is why you must choose a quieter choice of a refrigerator. You would never like the idea of having a loud appliance during the night.


Look for some features as you buy an RV refrigerator. If it can give you an adjustable thermostat, adjustable storage space, or an adjustable shelf, it’s when you must buy it right away. If it has more features included, it’s more convenient for you to have.

Upon considering these things in mind, you are now sure what RV refrigerator to buy from the market.