Do you know how importance RV propane furnace can be? This is an essential part of your recreational vehicle. Know more about it by continuing reading this article. You will get an understanding of how it works and how to best take good care of it. You will also, even more, know when you need to use it. It will make a big difference during those chilly nights that are shivering in a warm and comfortable trip in your recreational vehicle.

  1. Understand Furnace Cycling

The RV propane furnace takes about fifteen to thirty seconds to come after turning on the thermostat. Run it again for about fifteen to thirty seconds before finally feeling the heat. When the recreational vehicle has already reached the temperature set, it is when the furnace will finally shut off. The blower will run for a short time after that. It will continue as well to maintain a steady temperature.

  1. Be Safe

Handle all the issues with your heater safely. Even if the RV propane is a safe and clean fuel to use, you might still get an injury if ever you are not careful. You also need to consider proper precautions. Prepare a carbon monoxide detector that will need to be installed in the RV. You may find one online that you can easily fasten to a wall or ceiling yourself. Check possible leaks on daily basis. This is particularly true if the RV has just been sitting unused.

  1. Know More about the Good Air Flow

Make it sure that the floor ducts and air vents are clear. That way, maximum airflow will get throughout the motorhome. Check for the pet bowls, mats, towels, and obstructions that might be blocking the vents. This is particularly true on the floor.

  1. Know the Shut-off Valve

RV propane furnaces would often have a shut-off valve that can be set off manually. Know where exactly it is and turn off the furnace manually. If you cannot get it started, turn the shut-off valve in its “on-position”.

  1. Know What the RV Gas Furnace Smells Like

There may be a strong odor from the furnace when turning it on. This is also particularly true if it is the first time turning it on for the season. As the heater has been running for a while, the smell would then eventually go away. It will always be about the combination of other particles and dust setting in the vents. Make it sure that the exhaust vent is clear enough before running the heater.

  1. Know More about the Gas Regulators

The propane tank would have a device keeping the gas pressure regulated. This is because it goes through the RV propane heater. The regulators would go bad after a while. And it can never be repaired. Now since you have a poor gas regulator, it is when you will need to buy a replacement. Check if the regulator is bad and light all of the stove burners. Check as well the color of the flame.

As the yellow tip turns into a blue color, the regulator will work just fine. If it is not blue but it is no yellow or just a little yellow, the regulator may as well go bad. Adjustments can be made to the regulator by an expert RV service technician. Have the regulator checked and tested for possible leaks every year. And then, carry a spare with you. Your RV should, even more, have an LP regulator cover. Make it sure that you make use of it to protect your equipment.

Choose from Different RV Propane Furnaces

There are so many highly-rated RV propane furnaces that you may want to shop. For one, there will always be a good choice that heats the spaces quietly and quickly. And it might have an automatic shut-off valve. Other choices might seem more efficient and more conventional to use. Choose from all other choices that can be used outdoors or indoors and as nearly 100% efficient.

Now, you have learned more about the RV propane furnace. Feel free to buy them on our site!