When you go shop for an RV fridge, you need to decide on what kind is best to meet your RVing needs. Good thing, there are choices in store for you that could leave you feeling overwhelmed. This refrigerator is one-of-a-kind to fit an RV that is purchased five to six years ago. Even if you can buy a new RV with an already installed domestic refrigerator, most of them still feature an RV fridge.

The job of an RV fridge is to use absorption in leaving the inside cool. There will have to be no moving parts like the compressor to run the fridge. It utilizes heat and combines hydrogen gas, ammonia, and water. That way, it will continue to move through the tubes leaving the fridge completely cooled down. The cooling gases are then powered by a heat coming from 2 or 3 power sources.

The power sources for two-way RV fridges can include LP gas or AC power heating up the gases in the tubes. That way, your fridge will be cooled down. The power sources for three-way fridges can include LP gas, DC power, and AC power. The good thing about this option is that it comes with added ability running off of a twelve-volt battery. But, it’s not as popular as the two-way fridge.


RV fridge for sale is designed to utilize an A/C power. If it is not linked to a source of power, it can use propane gas instead of the coolness kept inside. The fridge could also best maintain a temperature on a mild day. While on a warm day, the temperature inside the fridge creeps up. Just know some more tricks to keep the temperature down by properly packing the fridge.

Storage Capacity

The Class C, Class B, and travel trailers often come with smaller fridges. Motorhomes and large fifth wheels boast larger capacities concerning their RV fridges. As per the newer models, they feature French doors including eighteen-cubic feet of storage space.  Better to check on the websites of manufacturer considering the refrigerator specifications. Ask for some more options from the dealers in the upgrade you want like a larger fridge. That’s when you need more extra space.


Keep in mind that an RV fridge for sale is made up of heavy materials. It is also designed for moving around. It does not feature a compressor with less moving parts that get loosened when in transit. It is also reported that RV fridges can last for about ten, fifteen or twenty years.

Safety Issues

RV owners are worried about the issues that may come from running their RV fridge for sale using propane gas. This is due to an accident that may come up from a fire or a gas leak. Nevertheless, the risk just goes minimal particularly if the propane system undergoes a regular maintenance. Mitigate the risks in them using a particular system.


As you decide for an RV fridge for sale installation, know it first that it is not cheap. There are so far leading fridge brands to find out there. The units can begin at the price of 1200 dollars. They can reach as high as 3000 dollars varying on the style and capacity.

You now have already understood more about the RV fridge for sale before buying one.