You can count all the reasons why you need to make use of the RV spare tire cover. This is an essential part of the RV gear. Since you may have been familiar with the RVs, you know for a fact that the giant tires can be so expensive. That is why you must never risk exposing them to those harsh elements. If your RV has an exterior spare tire, cover it up right away!

Face the fact that you would not want to have a spare tire on your RV. It is just that there will come a time in the life of a traveler that you won’t be feeling better. You will need to use a spare tire in its top condition. At one side of the road, it can be the worst place to ever discover that the spare tire can get deteriorated or cracked in any way.

Realize as well the many reasons why you need to make use of the RV spare tire cover.

Complementary and Finished Look

When you want to add such a finished look to the back of the truck, the hard shell covers will do it with style and color. There are so many available colors to consider. You will always find the best match for your vehicle.

Better to create a handsome contrast to another solid color. There are solid colors for RV spare tire covers that are also made from a durable plastic material.

The Statement with Logos and Flags

Make a statement. When you’re feeling patriotic, there are RV spare tire cover selections that come in different designs. They would often be available in universal-fit sizes. There are covers as well that come available in black or even gray themes. Other choices  feature stylish patterns in different colors.

Get the best value from the soft covers with so many different patterns. If you also appreciate wildlife scenes, there are choices in store for you from different manufacturers. Keep the RV spare tire right when you need it the most but first, be covered by RV spare tire cover. As a serious off-road challenger, consider this cover as one essential item to ever purchase. That also is the same if you’ve got a survivalist sense of humor, there will always be an RV spare tire cover to buy.

Theft Prevention

For those specializing in auto theft and burglary, adding an RV spare tire cover is essential. The idea is more on concealing a valuable item equating to even more than half the battle of theft prevention. There are a lot of modern vehicles broken into and stolen as well. Thieves will find mounted spare tires as easier targets. As compared to wheels on the ground, the spares can be removed and unbolted in just a few minutes. That is why you need to consider RV spare tire cover as a medium for theft prevention.

UV-Damage Protection

As you park the RV in the same spot, the sun will still be hitting the vehicle at such an angle every day. The ultraviolet rays will have their minimal effect on the tires and four wheels on the ground. They would for sure cause damage to the wheels and spare tires. As compared to other wheels, the mounted spares won’t be rotating. That is when they would get sunburned in the same spots.

The atmospheric zone would usually react with the rubber facet of the automotive tires. This will cause them to dry up completely and turn out to become brittle. This is what is called the “dry rot process”. The tires will crack and will appear as something not repairable. Tire manufacturers would blend waxes and rubber that will block the ozone degradation. The waxes will need to be regularly brought to the surface of the tire. That way, it will become effective. This process will happen only when the tire flexes and rotates against the ground. A spare tire is when it is deprived of the required protection.

The wheels can suffer, too. Whether they are polished, painted, and chromed, the sunlight will still bleach and will degrade the finish. In any color of your wheel, uneven discoloration will still occur after long hours of sun exposure. That is true if the exposure is angled or partial and not direct.

So, better look for the RV spare tire cover of the best value. They must only be universal-fit covers in different colors and sizes!