Every summer, everyone wants to have a vacation or go out of town. Some people go the beach and others are out camping with their friends or family. In camping, it is recommended to enjoy the day under an RV awning. This will be a great idea if the RV awning does not have defect. Imagine, it is raining, and you are sitting in a lawn chair under an RV awning and you notice there is a hole in the fabric of the RV awning. That will be gross, right? So, you must change of your fabric for the better use of the awning. But before that, it is best to know each part of your RV awning to make you become a master of your job for it will be easier for you to take  off or unfixed then fixed the parts to make it a frame again.

As we are the user of the awning, we must know how to take care and maintain well the RV awning, we should know each part, from the fabric up to its smallest part of the frame parts. The RV awning is formed of parts such as the fabric that attends as the canopy of the awning and the major part of the awning that gives shade. The other parts are the piece of the frame of the awning where the fabric is well-attached. The rails and roller tube for the fabric is part of gripping the fabric in good state upon using and after using it. The arms and rafters, these two works together where arms and rafter work as a series of sloped skeletal pieces that will extend from a ridge area to the plate of a wall or an eave. They are used to support the roof area. The arms act as the pole that serves as the support of the whole frame. Also, brackets are part of the frame, in installing the arms of the rv awning frame parts, you must use the brackets and it has a corresponding screw to use as part of the brackets to attached on the side of the RV. There is also an adjuster knob that is general problem parts on awning because they are so undoubtedly easily broken. Another part of the frame is the torsion bar which holds twisting and has a strong tendency to retreat to its original position when twisted. It has a spring-steel element with one end held rigidly to the frame. And these are some of the parts of the RV awning, the thing that is most significant of all is the shade that will keep you comfortable outside of your RV. Though sustaining it well and taking responsibility for this awning is requiring low maintenance, it is a must for the owner to always look after the awning because changing parts or changing RV awning is highly costly.

Fortunate that every RV today are equipped with the awning and we do not have to install it ourselves. But maintaining it in the good condition is our heavy task for there the life span of the awning based. Maybe we cannot prevent catastrophe that could make a big damage to our awning, but at least, in a simplest way of taking care of it, we can make its life further. You can enjoy sitting under the sun with the shade of your awning.