There are a number of RV cover suppliers on the market, and their products have been used by RVers for years. Generally, these covers last a few years and then must be replaced, especially if there has been an unusually harsh winter. Still, the cost of replacing the cover every few years is still better and cheaper than having a damaged RV. RV covers are designed to protect your rig from Mother Nature when you are not using it. But are they really worth the investment? Will they really protect your rig from the element? Should you, or shouldn’t you, buy a RV covers? The less windy of an area you live in, the better your chances that a RV covers will be more beneficial than a nuisance. If you park your rig under trees, a cover is going to reduce your maintenance of having to blow or sweep the leaves off of your rig periodically. It will also keep sap and bird droppings from damaging your RV. Most materials of a RV covers Canada will help keep the UV light off of your rig to help preserve all parts and paint.

Some covers also come with tire covers, which we highly recommend that you use if you are storing your rig most of the time. Many RVs have rubber roofs that are susceptible to UV damage. A RV covers can also help in prolonging the life of these rubber roofs. Also, roofs have caulking that seals all “holes” caused by the installation of RV roof vents, skylights, antennas, and anything else RV manufacturers stick up on top. A cover can help preserve the life of this caulking as well. If you live in the extreme weather area then a good travel trailer cover or RV covers might be a good investment, especially if you live in an area that doesn’t get much wind. These areas have higher UV exposure so it could help preserve your paint. A cover can keep the nosy neighbors (or drive-by criminals) from knowing what you have under there.

The less they know and the harder you make it for them to find out, the better. No, we are not saying that a RV covers is a theft-proof device. Not what we are saying at all. If these RV covers are properly used, they do keep your camper protected from leaves, UV light, bird droppings, sap, sandstorms, and whatever else you may come up with that could be damaging to your RV. he sun is harsh, whether it’s harsh on your RV or on your cover. Something will eventually give! If you get one, enjoy. Just know that you have the knowledge now to pick the right one for you. Fortunately, things have changed, and both technology and design have progressed. Camping World recently released their all-new Elements line of covers, which they have had custom-made to exacting specifications, and they really have made a difference. Sturdy as they often are, RVs need to be taken care of whether they’re in use or not.