Recreational vehicles, or RVs for short, is a type of a trailer or a motor vehicle which has living quarters that are designed for accommodation. There are different types of RVs such as the motorhomes, the caravans (also known as travel trailers and camper trailers), campervans, truck campers, fifth wheel trailers, and pop up campers.

RVs are very roomy and spacious vehicles, and thus plenty of living space is allowed. However, after some time, they may feel constricting and confining. A solution to this problem is purchasing a extension that is attached to the awning (a sheet of canvas or other material that is stretched on a frame and is used to keep the sun or rain off) may allow the creation of a considerable extra living space. These are then called RV awning rooms, sometimes called awning rooms, or extend-a-rooms. These rooms insulate the living space against bugs and protect the residents against heat and rain. A subtype of the RV awning room is the RV awning patio.

The RV Patio

An RV patio is an outdoor area adjoining your recreational vehicle. This may act as an extension of living space and may act as a veranda or a terrace; a patio may serve as lounging area beside your recreational vehicle for you and your guests. A patio may be built by attaching fabric to the awning of your recreational vehicle which will serve as a roof to your patio.

The fabric attached may vary in size, texture, and thickness according to your preferences. At times, when the fabric gets worn out, you need to get an RV patio awning replacement fabric. Ample knowledge is required to be able to select the best RV patio awning replacement fabric for you. Without further ado, here are the different types of RV patio awning replacement fabric.

Types of RV Patio Awning Replacement Fabric

There are two most purchased recreational vehicle awning fabrics, and these are the vinyl fabrics and the acrylic fabrics. You, as the customer, should select accordingly to which best fits your needs.

  • Vinyl Fabrics

Vinyl fabrics are laminated fabrics, and thus water-proof. This is this fabric’s ultimate edge over the other RV patio awning replacement fabrics. Also, vinyl fabrics are mildew resistant. Mildew forms due to the dust and dirt that has collected on vinyl fabric, and causes trouble when the patio fabric is stored whilst wet.

  • Acrylic Fabrics

Acrylic fabric has the ability to let air flow through the fabric due to the fact that it is made of woven cloth. They are excellent against the burning heat of the sun, the moisture and wetness of the rain, extreme cold, ice, and snow, strong winds, dust and dirt due to the outdoors, and bugs. It is known to be water repellant, however, not water-proof. The acrylic fabric is also known to be able to dry easily. Since the acrylic fabric is very breathable due to its woven structure, the air around it will be constantly moving through its surface, and thus the temperature under its canopy will stay cooler as compared to canopies made out of other fabrics, such as vinyl.