R-Pod covers are great because they offer all-season protection for your vehicles. Without these RV R-Pod trailer covers, your rig will always be vulnerable to harsh UV rays, snow, rain, and wind. It will also be easy to get damaged due to mold, nicks, mildew, scratches, dust, bird droppings, grime, etc. For this reason, know the climate where you will store your trailer.

The materials are also important because you also have to determine the type of elements that the RV R-Pod trailer will always have to deal with most of the time. Is it windy in your location? Check for a cover that is designed and made for this type of weather to make sure that it can protect the vehicle from the various elements it will be exposed to always.

The most common materials that you can find in most RV R-Pod trailer covers are polyester or polypropylene, which have plies or layers.

RV R-Pod Covers Are Waterproof

These covers are waterproof because they are made from materials that are water repellent. They can withstand snow and rain to make sure they do not touch the surface of the trailer. You can rest assured that your RV is not going to be weather-damaged.

How Long Do They Last?

There is no exact answer to this question. The time period as to how long they can last is based on several things such as your location and weather, together with heavy wind, rain, or snow. Also, it depends on the type of R-Pod cover you purchase.

Pick The Right Size

First, get the correct measurement of your R-Pod trailer to pick the right size easily. From there, begin comparing the covers that can fit your motorhome.

Install RV R-Pod Covers Correctly

It is easy to install these R-Pod covers. You do not have to use special tools for it. When installing the cover, read and follow the manufacturer’s instruction. These RV R-Pod trailer covers only take several minutes to assemble the product and install, so they do not cause you any trouble.

When to cover your R-Pod?

When you are planning to park your trailer for a long time, you need to cover it. The majority of RV owners also cover their vehicle during the winter or summer for storage.


When looking for covers for recreational vehicles, it is vital to consider the price. Determine how much you are willing to spend on it. By setting your budget in advance, you can save time as it eliminates browsing for products that are beyond the budget.

But, the price should not be your only basis for deciding what R-Pod cover to purchase. Do not forget the quality as well. You should not spend on a cover simply because it is cheap. It could not be long-lasting, and you would be spending more for repair or replacement.

You need to acquire the right balance between quality and affordability to make sure that you are purchasing durable RV R-Pod trailer covers that is within the budget you can afford.