RV slide out awnings and its Features

Defined by the internet as “a portable pop-up canopy or tent that provides temporary solution to people who want to be outdoors and enjoy shade”, RV slide out awning makes trips more enjoyable. These awnings also keep out wind and bugs for a more comfortable vacation.

Slide out Cover Awning Roller/Fabrics


During the construction of the product, it was made sure that it can automatically extend depending on the slide room. Billowing may be a hassle for some so a built in automatic lock was also installed to prevent this without the need for manual locks or wind deflectors. The cool temperature of the slide room will be maintained along with the cleanliness. The main goal of keeping leaves, dirt, and debris off of the slide out will be met. Parts such as the rolling tube and the mounting brackets are made of heavy duty extruded aluminium that can last for years of usage. This RV slideout awning is available in white or black vinyl with matching mounting brackets ad end caps in the same colour.


Slide out Cover Awning Mounting Brackets


With features similar to that of the Slide out Cover Awning Roller/Fabrics, this type of RV slide out awning offers the same dependable protection and performance, easy installation, elegant looks, and affordable price. The Slide out Cover’s mounting brackets also feature holes that match up for easy replacement.

Slide out Kover III Slide out Awning Roller/Fabrics


This type of RV slide out awning integrates with the patio and window awnings for a sleek, clean, modern, and uniformed kind of look. The automatic extension feature of working with the slide out helps in a more effective way of protection from water, dirt, and debris. Extruded aluminium is used to ensure the durability and quality of the roller tube, bracket assemblies, wind deflector, and cover. White is the standard vinyl colour but black is also available, special orders for other vinyl or an acrylic colour is possible.

Ascent Slide out Awnings


The Ascent Slide out Awnings is the latest innovation in the industry of slide out awnings that has a lot of benefits and features to offer. Rain run off would be easier because of the improved pitch to give the best performance. The stylish look of this RV slideout awning gives a uniformed look throughout the recreational vehicle for it blends smoothly with the coach wall. Installation is fast and accurate with all mounting hardware concealed after the process. Debris and dirt will be kept away. The available sizes are the standard and extra-long (XL) models and hardware colours include black and white.

Ascent Slide out Awning Mounting Bracket Kits


This is another product type of recreational vehicle slide out awnings as slide out roller and fabric as the part type. The offered warranty lasts for a year and it belongs in the ascent series. It is for mounting Ascent Slide out Awnings in which the slides face moulding, not a flat surface.

Solera Slider Roller/Fabrics


The Solera Slider Roller/Fabrics provide full coverage over the roof and openings. Debris, leaves, droppings, and dirt will be kept out. The whole package convenient to the buyer since awning rail and mounting brackets are also available. Myriad of vinyl and acrylic colours are presented for people to choose from.

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