RV wheel covers are available in sizes that can fit practically all recreational vehicle wheels. They are also a great option for cars and trucks. Manufacturers provide RV tire covers in different colors, and different types of features to make sure the covers do not blow away in the wind or get damage in harsh weather.

Tire covers are a vital part of keeping a recreational vehicle in good condition. Protecting the RV tires with covers minimizes the likelihood of a blowout while you are on the road. Tires may prematurely wear out without proper care and age in the sun fast. But, with affordable RV wheel covers, they can help extend the lifespan of the RV.


There are many ways that RV tire covers can protect your tires. They shield your tires against direct sunlight and exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays. UV rays can have an impact on the flexibility of the rubber compounds in RV tires. You cannot see the damage from UV rays, making it more dangerous.

UV exposure breaks down the rubber compounds in the wheels. The sidewalls are prone to UV ray damage, which weakens them over time. Wheel covers can reduce the effects of UV rays by keeping them shielded. You do not want to have sun baked tires. The tire covers for RV also help protect against the extremely cold temperatures and weather conditions. Tire covers help eliminate premature cracking on the RV tire sidewalls.

Kinds of Tire Covers

Tire covers are available in single or double axle sizes. You may buy a shield style that covers only the front side of the tire. It can also be a bag style that covers the whole tire. The shield style provides protection to the front of the tire, allowing for air circulation. The bag fits securely, while letting the air to circulate.

These covers for RVs come in both white and black. Both colors lessen UV exposure. Many RVers select black as it hides any dirt that accumulates on the covers. Know that black tire covers heat up more compared to the white tire covers. Avoid black covers if you spent a lot of time in locations with extreme temperatures.

How do you measure your wheels for RV tire covers? Check the tire code on the sidewall of your RV wheel. Make use of that number to match it to the tire covers. If you cannot find the tire code, you may measure the tire across the rim from tread to tread.

Security And Fit

As an RV owner, you must also take into consideration the installation and security features of your RV cover. The cover should stay intact and in place at all times. An ideal tire cover for your RV needs to have locking mechanisms. You need to attach them to the wheels of your RV without any fears that they would be gone the next day.

Using the best RV tire covers would put your vehicle in great comfort and advantage. After all, they are among the materials you need to make sure that your wheels are protected every time they are not in use.