It is an exciting thing to have an RV as you hit the road. But, there are things to consider, ensuring safety on the road.

If you have an RV and RV propane tank cover Canada, ask an expert to rectify and test the propane system. The experts will inspect the lines and fittings for leakage. It is important for the appliances and regulators to be inspected for problems too.

Pay attention to the position of the tank when having it filled or transporting it. If your propane tank sits vertically when used, then it should be filled and travel in that same position. If you are using a horizontal tank, follow the instruction on the label to see if you need to fill and transport it vertically or horizontally.

You should know what the smell of LP gas is. Basically, LP has no odor or little. Some companies add a garlicky smell or sulfur to the gas to help you know if there is a leakage. If the LP detector alerts you and you smell LP, close the valves and immediately leave your RV. Call a propane expert or the fire department to help address the problem.

If you have seen someone do it once or you do not know what you are doing, it is better to call a pro. If your LP appliances, your RV propane tank cover, or the system requires repair, the professionals will know the right thing to do. Your life is more important than saving a few dollars trying to fix it yourself.

While the LP is on, including your refrigerator, always remember not to use flammable liquids. This is because an open flame can easily ignite a lot of things such as solvents, polish remover, and paint.

It is essential to recertify your tank every five years. Tanks from the factory are usually certified. However, you should recertify them every five years after.

Propane Usage Tips

Consult with an experienced and licensed LP dealer. Pumping an LP is not the same as pumping your own gasoline or diesel. Ask a propane dealer to fill up your tank, unless you are quite experienced and familiar about pumping LP. These professionals are willing to do the job for you do it for than have you do some damage in their dealership.

Different places use a combination of propane and butane in their propane fuel. If you are going to be in colder areas, know that butane will not vaporize, which means it will not burn. So, you may find yourself with no heat, leaving you out in the cold. Therefore, if you are traveling in locations wherein the temperatures can drop below freezing, use the right combination of butane to propane.

Do not drive your RV with the LP valve open. This is why it is a must to use an RV propane tank cover Canada. An LP tank that is open can be bad news if you rolled, upended, clobbered, or go into high winds.