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Horse Trailer Cover Ensure that Your Horse Trailer Is Ready to Go and Clean

Our selection of horse trailer cover is designed to protect your horsebox or trailer from the elements when not used. This ensures to you that your horse trailer is ready to go and is clean. That is also when you would want to ever use it again. The cover you want would meet your specific requirements. You only need to know more about the model, make, and year of the horse trailer.

Breathable and Waterproof

Why settle only for breathability or waterproof when you could have both? The horse box cover and trailer cover fabric introduced by manufacturers is designed with having to balance both worlds. They are essentially needed. That is why our site has all the covers having both of these factors. Some covers to find are breathable and water-resistant. Some of them are also breathable and waterproof.

Tailored Design

Our horse trailer covers are made to each individual horsebox or trailer. Every year, model, and make of vehicle is different. Every cover is made to measure. The good thing is that our horse trailer covers can fit perfectly. Rest assured that no excess material can flap around.


Our horsebox and trailer covers listed on the site feature a soft and non-scratch backing that will not make your vehicle. Always put your cover on the vehicle. This is to ensure that does no dirt can be trapped between the vehicle and the cover. Thus, it could have a pristine condition when you uncover it.

Color Choice

Choose from the available colors of blue, grey, and green without any extra charge. If you also would like to match and mix your colors, you could have a 2-tone cover at no extra cost. Also, like it using your cover to help the horsebox or trailer blend into the background. You may even choose it to stand out from the crowd.

Additional Entry Points

Since you will need an access point to your vehicle, our horse trailer covers come with an entry access. Lucky are you to find one that comes with an easy to use industrial Velcro strip. You could choose to go in and out of the vehicle anytime you want. You will further enjoy additional access to other areas.


Other Factors to Consider

Other factors to consider is that the horse trailer covers should fit and look good like a glove. From our site is the opportunity to have both the excellent product and service. The only thing you need to do is to replace the original cover because of the wear and tear process.

Choose an only high-quality cover from the selections we have. An excellent product is one that is much better quality. It must as well be easy for you to put on your horse trailer.

For such a prompt service on our site, you will get from the manufacturers a cover that is well-made and is a good fit. What else are you waiting for? Feel free to visit our site today for a horse trailer cover!

Tips When Using a Horse Trailer Cover

When it comes to maintaining the look and condition of your horse trailer, check it for scrapes or paint chips that need touch-up paint. If these areas are exposed to the elements, they can develop rust, particularly through the winter months. The most common place that rust develops is in the seams, in which the tubing connects to the side sheet metal. 

Also, you have steel parts that may easily rust. Constant use can remove the paint of these areas over time. Moreover, a bit of touch up paint can keep them rust free and smooth. One way to protect this kind of vehicle is to use a horse trailer cover.   

While it is natural that you use your trailer, but when it comes to storing it, there are ways to do it properly. If storing it indoors is not possible, follow these tips.

The greatest enemy of your trailer is the sun. Too much sun can damage vinyl graphics, ruin the awning fabric, negatively impact on the tires, disintegrate rubber seals on the windows, fade the paint job, and lead to roof leakage. In other words, the sun can slowly kill your horse trailer.

While the main solution is to store the trailer indoors, sometime it is not possible. Using a horse trailer cover can help avoid sun damage as well as prevent water from penetrating inside. So, you can say that moisture is the second culprit to ruin your culprit. If there is no enclosed garage, find a covered area so that your trailer can be protected from the elements.

For many owners, storing outdoor is the only solution for their trailer. If this is the case with you, it is essential to protect your investment by getting a top quality cover to keep the trailer out of the element and keep them dry.  

If you do not have a horse trailer cover for some reasons, it becomes vulnerable to moisture, which can result in the formation of mildew on the roof and awning. The seals around the windows that are petroleum-based can get damaged due to rain, sunlight, and ice.

The tires of your trailer also will not like too much exposure to the elements too.  As they go through a heat cycle, they get cold and hot. It breaks down the composition of rubber, which causes the wearing of the tires. While the tread may look good over time, this can still compromise the whole tire.

Direct sunlight on the roof of the trailer can lead to leaks as due to the weakening over time. When you are dealing with horse trailers, remember that those electrical components, water, and carpet and do not mix well. Water can start leaking inside the trailer, thus causing a mess. 

When it comes to using a horse trailer cover, here are additional trailer storing tips to remember. It is not advisable not to park it out in a pasture. Make sure that snow will not sit on the trailer for many days or weeks. Also, do not park the horse trailer under trees that have low hanging branches, particularly when the weather is bad because the wet leaves can stain the paint of its roof.