The trailer breakaway system is intended to carry a trailer to a sheltered stop by enacting the electric brakes on the trailer, should the trailer be separated from the tow vehicle while driving. You should have operational electric brakes on the trailer, the 12-volt battery must be charged& the switch link must be appended to the vehicle. The trailer breakaway switch is wired to the battery in the battery case and is mounted between the battery and the tow vehicle. In the event that the trailer coupler should fall off of the trailer ball, the wellbeing link hauls the key out and the association is made to stop the trailer. Should the trailer become uncoupled from the tow vehicle hitch ball, the link hauls the stick out of the trailer breakaway switch, and the trailer brakes are connected. The included battery-powered battery is charged by the assistant power wire from the tow vehicle which must be associated through the trailer connector.

At the point when the trailer brakes are locked in by the breakaway battery, they are held for at any rate 15 minutes or until the power association is detached. On an electric stopping mechanism, a link is associated with the tow vehicle and the opposite finish of the link is associated with the trailer breakaway switch. It contains a stick that is connected to a wire link, 44-48 inches in length. The stick must be embedded into the switch, confronting the back of the tow vehicle, with the connected wire link in an immediate way to where you secure it to the tow vehicle. The wire link must be affixed to the tow vehicle autonomously. Never circle it through the wellbeing chains! On the off chance that the link isn’t connected to the tow vehicle, the breakaway framework won’t work on the off chance that the trailer winds up separated from the tow vehicle. For what reason is it imperative to have your breakaway framework working? An electric trailer breakaway switch requires a satisfactory battery mounted on the trailer to apply the brakes. There are a few different ways the trailer can wind up disengaged from the tow vehicle.

A mishap or an error in hitching the coupler to the ball can cause the security fastens or ball mount to break or leave the beneficiary. On the off chance that that occurs, the overwhelming trailer with your creatures in it could fold into approaching traffic or into a dump and arrive on its side. If the trailer ends up uncoupled from the tow vehicle the trailer breakaway switch will apply the trailer brakes. In the event that your breakaway framework is working, the second the trailer winds up detached, the stick hauls out of the switch and draws in the electric brakes – and the trailer STOPS. This gives you between 10-25 minutes to chock the tires and balance out the trailer before the battery charge exhausts. A brake controller inside the tow vehicle is initiated when the brake pedal is pushed which sends voltage to the magnets in each wheel with brakes to enact the trailer brakes. An electric trailer breakaway switch requires a sufficient battery mounted on the trailer to apply the brakes.