When you will decide to update your kitchen sink installed inside the RV, you need to figure out that it should stay more lucked out and more functional than ever. Before the installation of a new kitchen sink, the removal of the old one out is thereby essential. That will lead you further to understanding the RV sink plumbing parts first.

Below are the RV sink plumbing parts that we will go into detail for your complete understanding.

Exterior Faucet

This is a durable faucet that often features a wide range of settings like a cone, mist, flat, soaker, jet, one-in-two, and a shower. This is designed to get connected to a hose to a spray faucet. Adjust it easily that will also depend much on your needs. Install this faucet fast and begin using it immediately. The good thing is that no professional tools or plumber are needed here.

Strainer Sink Having Threaded Basket

This is another essential part of an RV sink plumbing. This comes with a threaded basket that is perfect to use for lavatory and kitchen sinks. This is indeed a sure seal that you can loosen to drain the sink. This is also while the items are kept from entering the drain. This normally includes a locknut, rubber washer, basket, and strainer. And this is a perfect fit for a two-inch drain opening. Oftentimes, this is made up of a die-cast type of steel material.

Sink Drain

What this one essential part can promise is the perfect drainage. This is made from brass, stainless steel, and heavy-duty plastic materials. It also offers a configuration that you will ever need. Its flanges also come in different finish choices to complement the RV sinks and décor.

Flexible and Expandable P-trap

Easily remove it all you want for clogs and cleanups. This is exactly the solution that you are looking for. This is also easy to install and is easily adjustable that can fit anywhere. This is also perfect for both professionals and beginners. Install it on bathtubs, kitchen sinks, pedestal and vanity basins, and laundry tubs. This unit also includes a bracket, gaskets, and an expandable tube.

Long Faucet Connector

Impress your family and guests with the sink faucet you have. That also includes long-lasting and durable construction of a long faucet connector that complements the décor complementing and contemporary design. This sink plumbing part truly belongs to your RV sink.

Water Bandit

This essential part of a sink is often connected to an unthreaded faucet or one having stripped threads. This will help avoid wasting water because of poor connections. However, just be careful as this is not designed to be used under pressure. This somehow complies with all low lead laws.

Know more other RV sink plumbing parts apart from these mentioned. All of them are accompanying parts that are made specifically to be used for RV sinks. Decide today which of these items you now need on your RV sink plumbing for the smooth experience of washing the dishes.