You need to actually understand that a higher cost is to pay when it comes to awning replacement and repair. The exact costs usually can range from $272 and $993. And there are certainly many different types of repair introduced. As per the relative cost, it mainly depends on what is to be repaired.

Potential issues can range from motor to electric issues. Even a snag or rip in the fabric is easy for you to repair. This one is a lot better than replacing the motorized system. When it comes to the replacement of RV awning replacement parts, it makes sense to call for help. This will ensure to you a lasting fix.

Understand that the RV awning replacement parts can differ in the following:

  • Aluminum Strips. These strips have a clear purpose of protecting the RV from harmful elements. And these can cost for the price of 100 dollars to 300 dollars.
  • Fabric Replacement. These also have a clear purpose of protecting the RV from harmful elements. These can cost from 250 dollars to 700 dollars.
  • Manual Worm Gear. The purpose of these RV awning replacement part is for the retracting mechanism for the manual units. These can cost from 50 dollars to 200 dollars.
  • Retractable Arm. This is designed to pull canopy inside and out. As prior to the price, it can range from 30 dollars to 200 dollars.
  • Automatic Retractable Motor. This is intended for retracting mechanism specifically for automatic units. The price can range from 100 dollars to 400 dollars.
  • You can keep the canopy stretched just so tight with these springs. Just be prepared to pay for 50 dollars to 150 dollars.
  • Fasten the canopy right through the wall. Your budget should be in between 20 dollars to 50 dollars.

If the canopy on your recreational vehicle starts to fail, it makes sense to replace each part. This will make more sense as compared to a new and complete product. Understand as well that the repair cost will vary on the parts you want to replace.

The mounting plate, for instance, costs 100 dollars to 200 dollars. The spring arm falls in between 130 dollars to 300 dollars. And the motor will fall in the price range of 200 dollars to 500 dollars. The lead rail is also between the prices of 300 dollars to 700 dollars.

Professional labor for the purpose of re-installation will also naturally increase the price. It pays to talk to the RV dealership for you to get an estimate. This will also depend on your exact problem.

Hiring a Pro vs. DIY Awning Replacement

When you take an awning replacement, it will naturally save you between 50 dollars to 400 dollars of project cost. This is mainly due to the reason of labor. Pay less if you will not hire an awning expert.

But remember as well that there are downfalls of a do-it-yourself job. The lack of expertise can contribute to a damaged awning. Improper replacement could lead to breaks and leaks in the canopy. If you only do a shoddy repair, it can turn out to be more expensive than the professional repair. That is why you are encouraged to look for the help of an expert team when it comes to handling and replacing RV awning replacement parts!